Week 3-Iowa

This guy’s voice is funny, his pacing is riveting, his warmth is contagious, and I’m dying to hear more about this journey.

Young, Dumb, and full of Freedom

IMG_0498IMG_0500IMG_0512IMG_0514IMG_0520IMG_0522IMG_0525IMG_0536IMG_0537IMG_0527It is my job to tell you the story as it happened, and not to deprive you of any instances that you may find amusing or beneficial. This means this is not a children’s memo, or for anyone easily offended. My family, I know you’ll still love me. My friends, the same. Future followers, don’t pass judgment, just enjoy the ride, as I know I will. Friends, family, and future followers; feel free to pray for me. God knows I’ll need everything I can get.

Week 3

May 5-May 11

So we wake with at our hosts house on the Mississippi.  A few interesting tid-bits came from the night before.  This guy, who was a retired, had completed two 3-century rides.  One was a try for a four century in one day, but when he got to mile 350 his leg started to cramp and once he…

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