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I'm an inch deep and a mile wide. Not literally. But literarily, sure.

Happy birthday

Look at this guy! I am. That’s me in the awkward pose in front of him enjoying his handsome charm. That’s Stacy. He’s my friend. He’s a friend to many. He’s sort of the baritone-voiced, kind-eyed angel of friendship. He’s the … Continue reading

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For whom the tail wags

Cedar, the greatest dog who ever dogged, has completed her work here on Earth and crossed the rainbow bridge to the plane of stardust, bacon and unlimited squeaky tennis balls. Cedar got a lot done in her short, though actually … Continue reading

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Anyone else beginning to wonder if it’s all an act?

Have you ever dropped in someone watching a soap opera and gotten sucked in? Or maybe a sick day on the couch brought you back to a daytime drama you watched in college, or a reality show you’ve heard of but never … Continue reading

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Delicious vicious cycle

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The happy lady with the phoenix tattoo

My brother didn’t understand what rape culture is. My brother is my favorite person I didn’t personally give birth to. We’re pretty close, and I know he loves me and he knows I love him. He’s smart, and kind, and … Continue reading

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Some thoughts upon reconsidering “The Princess and the Pea” in middle age

Remember the “Princess and the Pea”? That’s the fairy tale in which a young woman proves she is a real princess by getting a backache from sleeping on a pea hidden under a pile of mattresses. This odd little test … Continue reading

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The updated chili recipe, for anyone who cares

A little thematically inconsistent, but here’s a recipe. Couple times, people have asked me for my chili recipe. Not very long ago I noticed that it’s evolved a little since the last time I wrote it down, so I ran … Continue reading

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